Life is currently filled with driving to and from my daughter's high school tennis matches.  We have three more weeks left.  I promise there will be new things coming soon.


The Way I See Art: An Interview with Angela Carver

I see art as anything you want to create that makes you feel good.  It doesn't need to be sold or produced for any specific purpose other to allow you to immerse yourself and explore.

Art helps everyone connect with themselves and is a wonderful way to reduce stress and cope with the craziness of the world around us.


Coming soon... Summer launch

Summer vibes!!!  Who's feeling it?  I am looking forward to activities that summer 2021 brings.  It is going to be lots of fun and I hope you all will love the new collection.

pallet wood.jpg

Doing it Differently

Reusing wood, whether dismantled pallets (thanks to my husband), leftover construction materials, or downed trees, is very important to me.  I hate to see wood thrown in dumpsters to end up in a landfill.  Being sustainable, even in my mailing/packing is extremely important.